Chiropractic Care

Dr. Zafis, DC uses low force chiropractic techniques and other therapies to help patients with pain management.

Checking for the Biology of Pain

Dr. Zafis, DC has used chiropractic therapies for over 20 years in her practice. Every person is different.  One of the issues we look at is a buildup of lactic acid in the body which may cause muscle stiffness and pain. Dr. Zafis, DC looks for metabolic causes of inflammation and pain. This can be very beneficial to your overall health, as well as address pain and muscle stiffness. 

Due to the dramatic increase of chemicals in our foods and environment, Dr. Zafis, DC may recommend an assessment to evaluate biochemical causes of pain and inflammation. 


Inflammation has certainly become a point of focus for health issues in recent years. Many situations can cause inflammation that may linger long-term. At the clinic we can assess and look at the many causes of inflammation and develop a program to address that very issue.

Manual Therapy Techniques

The clinic offers many manual therapy techniques to help patients manage and eliminate the causes of pain. Resetting how the muscles turn on and off with a movement of the body may greatly help increase movement and decrease pain.  Sometimes a particular muscle doesn’t turn on correctly. Resetting that muscle can greatly assist pain and function. The clinic has seen this in many situations. For instance, after an adjustment a patient was still experiencing pain in the upper gluteus/pelvic area. Dr. Zafis rebalanced the muscles in the legs, specifically the tensor fasciae latae muscle. Dr. Zafis, DC then broke up scar tissue in the leg to readjust the function of the muscles. That resolved the pain in the upper gluteus/pelvic area for the patient.

Free Health Screening for You, Your Family, and Friends

If you have health concerns, we offer a free screening or a phone consultation for people looking for a natural way to restore health. To make an appointment, call (707) 527-7710 or click here to make an appointment on-line.

Dr. Cindy Zafis, DC, DACACD is a Doctor of Chiropractic and not a Medical Doctor. Dr. Zafis, DC, DACACD does not claim to diagnose or cure any illness or disease.

What the clinic offers are several Chiropractic therapies that balance the body through gentle spinal care, very targeted nutritional therapy, and correcting structural issues. Many patients that have not been able to resolve issues themselves have been very satisfied with the results of these therapies.

Dr. Zafis, DC DACACD has taken several classes to help patients including NAET, BioSet, gentle spinal care, and Applied Kinesiology. She has helped many patients in Sonoma County since 1995.

You may call the office to schedule your free 15-minute health screening today.

Call the office for a 15-minute free consultation. To make an appointment, call (707) 527-7710 or click here to make an appointment on-line.

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Allergy Relief in Sonoma County

Allergy Relief in Sonoma County

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Spring Fatigue

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Managing Pollen Reactions

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