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Allergy Relief

Dr. Cindy Zafis, DC has been helping patients with natural therapies for allergy relief and other symptoms since 1995.  She has taken classes in NAET, BioSet, and Applied Kinesiology to help support and balance the nervous system.  These approaches are gentle, non-invasive approaches.  Nutritional therapy and gentle spinal care are used. These are holistic therapies that work together to balance the nervous system.

Our Exclusive
Brain Formula

Our exclusive Brain Formula, an encapsulated whole food, provides high-quality nutritional support for a busy, hectic lifestyle. It can help ease occasional worrying or overwhelming temporary anxiety due to stressful life events and situations. It also helps reduce irritability and nervous agitation so you can operate at a higher level of function and performance.

#1 Hidden Chemical in Your Foods & Its Effects – A 3-Step Easy System

The chemicals in foods are affecting our bodies more and more. Unfortunately, this is still not generally known by our health care system. Take our online course in the comfort of your own home and learn where the number one chemical is in your foods, what symptoms they may cause, and more with this at-home course.  


“I have struggled with food allergies and food sensitivities for some time now and a friend recommeded Dr. Zafis. Going to her has been amazing. She has helped me with my food issues and my seasonal allergies. I feel better, I can breath better, I have more energy, and I can eat the foods I want again. I highly recommend Dr. Zafis. I think everyone should see her!”
Hanah B.

Santa Rosa, CA


Allergy Relief in Sonoma County

Allergy Relief in Sonoma County

Spring is here! With the heavy rains experienced this winter, the clinic is seeing an increase in the pollen levels. We’re also seeing a change in the types of allergens currently in the air.

Spring Fatigue

Spring Fatigue

Resolving the reasons for fatigue in the Spring may leave you more energetic and with less brain fog

Managing Pollen Reactions

Managing Pollen Reactions

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Unfortunately, for many people, spring is a time of suffering due to reactions to the pollen in the air.