Stomach Issues and Other Digestive Problems

Many of my patients have recovered from digestive issues whether they are long term problems or short term issues.  

I usually break up the digestive issues into 3 subcategories:

  1. Food reactions
  2. Biology of the gut
  3. Chemical exposure

Coming from an engineering background, this helps me start to regulate the gut from these 3 perspectives, sometimes at the same time.

Allergy Relief from Food Reactions:

The clinic does a specific food sensitivity test on the first visit.  Each time a person comes into the office, the clinic will balance 1 to 3 reactions to foods or other substances with a 90% chance that it will be permanent. 

Testing the Biology of the Gut:

Two things need to happen to test the gut. 

  1.  Test for the biological imbalance.
  2. Test for a supplement that will resolve the imbalance. 

Chemical Exposure:

Presently there is very little training for doctors and alternative practitioners, because this is a relatively new occurrence in many foods. There is a new chemical in food that is becoming more common and little is known about it.  

If you are experiencing digestive issues, we offer a free screening to assess the food reactions and assess the organs in the digestive system. 

There have been many people who can eat formerly troublesome foods again without reactions. I have never seen people so happy when they can eat certain foods again.  

Stomach Acid Reducers:

Many patients have been able to regulate or help their stomach symptoms.  

Two issues need to be addressed when a person is on stomach acid reducer. One is if the person is in a “fight or flight” mode and the other is reactions to foods.  

This is one of the most common prescription drugs, because it is caused primarily by stress. When you are stressed, the body does not rebuild itself as it should; the inner lining of the stomach does not get rebuilt.

Many patients are in “fight or flight” — an emergency mode where the body does not rebuild or heal the body. When the stomach lining is not rebuilt, then they get stomach issues.  

At the clinic, we support the nervous system to get out of “fight or flight” and then use supplements that help the body heal the inside of the stomach. Look at information about the Brain Formula that helps with a stressed nervous system. 

Case Study

One patient came in and was experiencing diarrhea and extreme pain in the intestines. We did functional testing on her and found that she was reacting to her own stomach acid and had a chemical in her gut from foods.  

We cleared her of the stomach acid reaction and addressed the chemical with a natural whole food supplement. Her condition improved over 50% in one treatment!

Managing Allergies that Affect the Gut

The clinic has helped many patients using holistic treatments to overcome symptoms of the gut.  We are happy to discuss your digestive issues with you and see if we can help. 

The clinic does a specific food sensitivity test for several foods during the consultation.  If you are having a health issue and you are looking for a natural solution, please call the office at  (707) 527-7710 or click here to make an appointment on-line. We offer a free screening or a phone consultation for people looking for a natural way to resolve functional issues in the body to restore health.

Dr. Cindy Zafis, DC, DACACD has used several holistic healing techniques for allergy relief since 1995 in Sonoma County. One technique is NAET.

Dr. Zafis, DC, DACACD does do a specific food sensitivity test in her office and supports patients with allergy relief for food sensitivities & pollens, skin issues, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, coughing, menopause symptoms, and perimenopause symptoms.

She has a Diplomate from the American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders and offers holistic therapies for anxiety and dependency issues.

Call the office for a 15-minute free consultation and food sensitivity test in our office. To make an appointment, call (707) 527-7710 or click here to make an appointment on-line.


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