Anxiety, Depression, and Hormones

Mood & Anxiety Disorders

When moving from the holistic health arena to the addiction treatment arena, I was shocked at how the addiction and dependency treatment centers do not look at hormonal imbalances as a cause for anxiety and depression.  Most addiction clinics will look at which psychiatric medication is the best for the patient with no consideration of hormone imbalances.  If they are “holistic” the clinic may look at the speed at which a liver breaks down the psychiatric medication.

Managing Hormonal Issues with Anxiety and Depression Medications

Saying that mood and anxiety symptoms may be caused by hormonal imbalances in women is a little like stating the sky is blue.  It is a “no-brainer” in the alternative functional medicine world.  Both nervous system and hormonal imbalances can cause anxiety and depression.  It can be one or the other, but usually both systems need to be addressed, especially with women.

Many women still have anxiety and depression while on their psychiatric medications.  Luckily in many cases the nervous system and hormonal imbalances can be addressed and resolved while still on the psychiatric medications. 

Hormones and Anxiety

Many patients that come into the office have an over stimulated nervous system or are in a state of sympathetic dominance.  This causes the hormonal system to go into over drive as well.  Calming down the nervous system is necessary in order to then regulate the hormonal system. 

Anxiety and depression may be caused by many factors such as physical, mental, and/or emotional.  From clinical experience, I find generally anxiety has a strong physical component to it and depression has a strong emotional or belief system component to it.  Many patients handle stress much better after correcting imbalances in the nervous system and hormonal system.  Overwhelming temporary panic attacks can be resolved in some cases just by regulating the nervous system and hormonal system.

Hormones and Depression

Again depression can be from physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional causes.  Generally the physical component of depression may be caused by fatigue or low adrenals, which is part of the hormonal system. Vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to depression. 

Hormones and Alcohol Addiction

In some cases, binge drinking in women may be caused in part by hormonal imbalances in the body.   During the premenstrual part of the cycle, imbalances can cause emotional distress and increased drinking.  Regulating the nervous system and hormonal system is usually required.

For perimenopausal women, some may need to calm themselves with alcohol so that they can relax and unwind or go to sleep at night.  If the nervous system and hormonal system were functioning correctly they would be able to wind down and sleep naturally without the need to self medicate with drugs or alcohol. 

In most women both the nervous system and hormonal system need to be addressed and corrected to eliminate the need to self medicate with alcohol or drugs.

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Dr. Cindy Zafis, DC, DACACD has used several holistic healing techniques for allergy relief since 1995 in Sonoma County. One technique is NAET.

Dr. Zafis, DC, DACACD does do a specific food sensitivity test in her office and supports patients with allergy relief for food sensitivities & pollens, skin issues, digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, coughing, menopause symptoms, and perimenopause symptoms.

She has a Diplomate from the American College of Addictionology & Compulsive Disorders and offers holistic therapies for anxiety and dependency issues.

Call the office for a 15-minute free consultation and food sensitivity test in our office. To make an appointment, call (707) 527-7710 or click here to make an appointment on-line.


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